There are specific high points in everyone’s life. These are the points that they will always remember and cherish. The beauty and vividness of these moments never wane, they are that powerful.

I asked my mother about her life’s pinnacle moments, and she told me three;

One was the day she met my dad.

Second was the day she married him.

And the third was the day they had me.

She even went on to say that there would be a fourth and fifth moment as well; these would be the day I will get married, and then the day I will make her a grandmother. Wishful thinking, I tell you.

Debarring her ambitions for me, I found her answer to be exceptionally on point. Apart from the three days she mentioned, everything else is inconsequential.

Your career and job are no doubt vital, but are they as important as your personal life?

Do we not work because we want to make our family happy?

I think we do, all of our professional successes are done for a reason, and that reason is in our homes. Our partners, our spouses and our children are the most critical aspects of our life.

You can start your career from scratch with ease, but doing so with your family is quite impossible.

Importance of Marriage

So, coming to the point, where do you think a family begins?

When two people fall in love and have a baby?

Yes and no. I know for some of the millennial’s marriage is a trivial concept, just a piece of paper. But the orthodox in me believes otherwise.

Many of the young folks also think the same. It is why marriage is given the kind of significance that it has and an almost equal level of seriousness is given to the ceremony that binds the couple in marriage.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was the event of the decade. I hadn’t seen anything like that in my life.

I wish I could get a wedding like that, but I would have to take numerous loans for bad credit from Private Lender to make that happen.

I would instead take a loan to buy a house than have a one-day event, how so ever important it may be.

My friend, who got married recently, actually had the wedding of her dreams, and she did not spend a fortune on it. She used up all of the thriftiness inside her on that one day, and the perfection she got was awe-inspiring.

The Budgeting

When you decide to take the first step towards planning your wedding, you will have to start thinking frugally.

Ask yourself the right questions and you will find the answers within.

Do you think the £2500 dress?

A wedding is incomplete without the perfect dress, and so is the bride. The priority of the bride and the groom is the outfits they would wear; this is more complicated for the brides.

What my friend did was sentimental and affordable at the same time.

Her mother has worn a beautiful plain ivory gown on her wedding. It was so simple and elegant that I wanted for myself.

My friend asked her mother to lend her the dress. Do you think she would have denied?

No, she didn’t. My friend and her mom had different sizes, so her mom being an exceptional seamstress did the fitting, and she has a dress at zero pounds.

Are you close to all the 500 people on the guest list?

I only know about a hundred people, out of these hundred I am close to about 20 or 30. These are the people I would want at my wedding, not the other 70 who do not even know where I work.

I am sure you must have a similar kind of equation. So, ask yourself and your partner, why should you pay for the people do not even know your middle name and take on bad credit loans as a consequence?

A cosy wedding with eighty to a hundred people will be as lively as a grand event with a thousand guests.

Will you enjoy your reception any less, if it wasn’t at The Dorchester?

A wedding is a ceremony in which you promise to love and cherish your partner for a lifetime in front of your family and friends.

So, where this promise is made should not be that significant.

You can have the ceremony in your backyard, and nobody would object. Spending thousands and thousands of pounds on a venue is an imprudent choice to make.

If your family home has a big yard, you can have the ceremony there along with the reception.

My friend had her ceremony at her family farm in York. It felt like a destination wedding for me since I live in London.

Winding Up

Apart from these, there are a lot more questions to ask like;

Will people remember the decorations more than the food?

Does it really matter who plays the music, as long as it is good?

Do you need a thousand pound 5 tier cake by a professional baker or your mom’s baking will do?

Keep asking yourself these questions, and you will keep finding ways to budget your wedding. Do keep in mind that you are not settling on something inferior in quality; you are just thinking about your future instead. And there is nothing wrong in that.