For many people, as soon as they buy a puppy, they sign up at a dog training school in order to make sure their puppy is well behaved. For others, it might be that your dog develops some unpleasant behaviors, or maybe you’ve decided that you’re tired of the things he’s always done. Whatever the reason for enrolling your dog in a dog training school, Puppy Preschool in Sydney a great way to get professional assistance training your dog.

The main purpose of a dog training school is to teach the owner how to communicate effectively with their pet. This is particularly important when a dog has developed bad behaviors, as the owner needs to make it clear to the dog when he’s doing something wrong, and help train the dog with new, appropriate behaviors.

Some behaviors that often result in a visit to a dog training school include:

– Jumping on people

– Jumping on the furniture

– Disobedience

– Not listening to commands

– Biting

– Excessive barking

Both the dog and owner attend dog training school, as often the owner needs to be trained correctly in order for the dog’s behavior to improve. Some dogs react badly in certain environments, for example, and you need to learn how to recognize those triggers and either avoid them or help the dog to overcome his negative reaction. Other problems are caused by boredom, and by changing routines, the dog owner can help to alleviate the boredom issue.

Good behavior is the result of good communication between the dog and owner. So a lot of the dog training school program will focus on establishing a social hierarchy that puts you as the leader. Then, you can start to work on establishing obedience in your dog. Both verbal commands and hand signals are used to communicate with your dog. If the dog responds well, it may even be possible to complete a more advanced program which is conducted off-leash.

It’s hard to love your dog when he’s behaving badly, so the most positive outcome of attending dog training school is the chance to establish a positive, loving relationship with your dog. In some ways, that’s even better than having an obedient dog.