Hello there! You must be a user of Google drive. Honestly, I like this google product. Specially, it’s video playing feature. Just amazing! Just double click on the uploaded video and it’s begins to play. You can play a lot’s of video file types such as mp4, MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV files,  AVI, WMV and so on.

But recently I am facing a problem with my drive. Now-a-day’s it doesn’t play video anymore. It just show me a message, “Oops! There was a problem playing this video” I think you are also a victim of this problem. So let’s find it’s solution!

Cause of the problem

You know to solve any problem we need to know the cause of problem. So that we can get rid of this problem.

  • Cache or cookies: Everyday your browser save a lots of information from those site that you visit. It’s call Cache and Cookies. Cache and cookies can be overloaded. And it can be a reason for this problem.
  • Browser Extensions: For customization of your browser you probably use some extensions. One of this extension can be the reason for your problem.
  • Malware: If your PC is effected by virus, malware than it can be another reason that you can’t play the videos on drive.
  • Damaged Browser: If your browser is not updated, than there is a fear that you can’t play the videos on drive.

There could be many other reason for this problem. But this is enough to find the solution.

Solving the problem

  • Use Incognito Window: Let’s use the Incognito feature of your browser to solve the problem. You know that it doesn’t save the history. For this type ctrl + shift + N or click on there dots of your browser and click on New Incognito Window.
Open Incognito Window-nearblogs.com
Open Incognito Window-nearblogs.com

Now try to open the video. Go your google drive and try to play the video file. It should be solved. If not, then follow next step!

  • Open File in New Window: Try to open the video in a new window. For this, just double click on the video. If it show the same massage like, “Oops! There was a problem playing this video” Then click on three dots and click on the Open In New Window.
Open in New Window-nearblogs.com.png
Open in New Window-nearblogs.com

Some times it works. But if you are failed to solve, then keep following the steps!

  • Use Different Browser: You can use different browser to solve this problem. If you are using Chrome, then now try to use Mozilla or Opera or edge or any other. If you doesn’t have this browser, than to download just Click Here.
  • Use shareable link: If you are keep trying to solve the problem then be patient. On this step just right click on the selected video and click on Get shareable link. Copy the link (Press ctrl + c ) and open a new tab (Press ctrl + T ). Then pest the link (Press ctrl + V). Now problem should be solved!
Get a Shareable Link-nearblogs.com
Get a Shareable Link-nearblogs.com
  • Clear the browsing data: If all above method is not beneficial to you. Then this method is for you. This method surely solve the problem. For this type ctrl + shift + del or click on three dots on your browser and click on more tools and then click on clear browsing data.
Clear browsing data-nearblogs.com
Clear browsing data-nearblogs.com

Now Check mark all options and select time range All Time. Then click on Clear Data.

Clear browsing data - nearblogs.com
Clear browsing data-nearblogs.com

Now again sing in your google account and open your drive. Then try to open the video. Hope this time your problem should be solve. Now have fun!

Tips: Sometimes it happens for weak internet connection. So please make sure your internet connection is not weak!