How to Recover Damaged Hair Color?

If there is one thing that can harm any production, it is faded and lifeless hair. Unfortunately, those who dye their hair often face this problem.

Are your wires also faded? So, keep reading, because in this article we will show you how to regain color and keep your hair beautiful and healthy!

Well, who doesn’t like to change the look, choose a color, and see that it worked for you? Then, you leave the hall beaming and satisfied.

Okay, but let’s agree that not everyone can go to the salon during these pandemic times, right?

So, if you are suffering from fading, nothing to despair, as we will help you solve this problem, renew the tone of your hair and leave it beautiful and super well treated. Check out our tips.

Bet on hydration

Moisturizing is always the best way to start any treatment, and with the wires, this is no different. Generally, faded hair is dehydrated, and it is necessary to resort to some moisturizing products.

It is necessary to understand that it loses its color and water when the hair fades, so it is recommended to hydrate, precisely, to replace the lost moisture.

Color up

Contrary to what many people think, it is possible, YES, to remove faded hair at home, not least because it is already possible to find natural pigment cosmetic toners, that is, colored hair masks.

These masks work like that shampoo for blonde hair, which removes the yellow tone. That is, they help to renew the color and bring shine, removing the faded aspect.

Invest in special care

It is worth bearing in mind that it is normal for the color tone to fade over time. However, some bad habits can speed up this process. Therefore, avoid washing your hair with hot water, the high

Temperatures open the cuticle of the hair, hindering the pigmentation fixation. For this same reason, try to use fewer heat tools, such as a hairdryer or flat iron. And when exposing hair to the sun, try to apply products with UV protection first.

An excellent product for hair is Gummy Hair; the cool thing is that it is a type of vitamin for hair that is chewable, that is, very simple and even tasty to use Sometimes Depression and Anxiety leading causes of Hair Loss and Erectile Dysfunction. Suhagra 100 and Aurogra 100 best natural Drugs to treat ED issues and Anxiety difficulty.

It is also essential to know that fading tends to appear more in dark strands, leaving an appearance of unkempt and lifeless hair. In this case, the first tip is to invest in the capillary schedule and, if not possible, appeal to homemade recipes.

Homemade recipe for faded dark hair:

This recipe, in addition to renewing the shine and color, also helps to moisturize dark hair. Keep in mind that the effect is not permanent, leaving after a few washes.

First, you need to protect your gloved hands and shoulders with a towel that can be stained.

Prepare hair by shampooing and removing excess water from the hair;

Mix two tablespoons of instant coffee with two tablespoons of hot water, until the consistency of paste;

Add two tablespoons of any hydrating mask, which is white;

Apply the mixture, lock by lock, gloving well;

Wait 30 minutes, then rinse the threads removing all residue from the recipe;

If the hair is a little dry, moisturize.

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Do not lie down with wet hair. · Do not wash your hair with boiling water, as it increases fat production or can irritate the scalp. · Brush with a wide comb to avoid pulling. · Wash your hair every day to prevent accumulating fat on your scalp, which causes your hair loss.

Do not get a tight ponytail. · Avoid applying cosmetics near the hair implantation, which causes it to fall from the temple part.

Makeup and make-up chemicals cause hair to fall out, and “entrances” are seen on the forehead, in addition to falling under the eyebrow hair. · If there is a hair problem or hair loss, consult your dermatologist.