Are you in trouble to export files from Thunderbird to PDF and want to resolve how to export Thunderbird emails to PDF query? Then you are at right platform, read this blog and gets effective solution regarding the migration of Thunderbird to PDF. Sometimes, users face difficulties and want quick & exact answer for their queries. Let’s see some user’s queries to understand user’s requirement to export files from Thunderbird as PDF: 

Why do we need to Export Files from Thunderbird as PDF?

Let’s see some user’s queries to understand user’s requirement to export files from Thunderbird as PDF:

I have so many important mails saved in my Thunderbird account and I don’t want to lose them at any cost. Please suggest me a risk-free way to export all my important data from Thunderbird account to PDF without single loss.

Jose H. Garrett

Is there any expert technician who can suggest me a simple solution to retrieve my MBOX files from Thunderbird and save them as PDF? I tried many techniques personally but none of them help me out. I urgently required the solution because of some official work. Please recommend me the solution ASAP!

Sofie Møller

Urgent need to save all my Thunderbird email files as PDF in my PC and then delete the source files from Thunderbird account. I have 1000+ messages in my Thunderbird account and that is why it start hanging and works very slowly. To improve its performance I need to do this and want a perfect solution so that any of data will not lose. So anyone can suggest me a solution to export Thunderbird mails as PDF?

Fatna Koppejan

Export Thunderbird Files as PDF Manually

Method 1: Users can simply save single or few Thunderbird emails in PDF format with the help of Mozilla Thunderbird. Follow below listed steps to understand how to export files from Thunderbird mail as PDF:

Step 1: Open Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 2: In the Mozilla Thunderbird panel, select the required Thunderbird emails which you want to export in PDF.

Step 3: Now navigate to the menu bar and hit File tab then choose Save selected messages.

Step 4: A drop down menu open with the list of several file formats. Choose PDF format among all of them.

Step 5: It will ask you to choose desirable location and destination path to save converted PDF file. Select the folder to save PDF file.

Method 2: Before starting the method users need to install required ImportExport Add-ons in Thunderbird. This Add-on is mandatory to save Thunderbird emails in PDF format. After installing the extension, follow below mentioned steps one by one:

Step 1: Open Thunderbird in your PC.

Step 2: Now select folder which you want to save in PDF format.

Step 3: Go to the menu bar and right click on Tools option.

Step 4: Select ImportExport Add-on and then choose Export all messages in the folder option.

Step 5: Finally select PDF to save Thunderbird emails as PDF.

Step 6: Just after choosing PDF, a pop-up Windows opens with a warning that attachments will not save. Click Ok to proceed.

Step 7: All your mails will be successfully saved in selected location.

Method 3: In this section, we explain you another manual way to save Thunderbird email in PDF format. Here we tell you how to export files from Thunderbird mail as PDF via Print Command.

Step 1: First launch Mozilla Thunderbird in your PC.

Step 2: Now go to Thunderbird mailbox panel and choose the email files which you want to export in PDF format.

Step 3: Click on More tab and select Print in the drop down menu.

Step 4: Choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” and tick Print to file option.

Step 5: Choose desirable location and give suitable name to save the PDF file in local system. Hit Save button to convert MBOX file into PDF.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

In spite of the fact that manual method is free of cost but it contains some limitations. By using this technique, one can save only Thunderbird emails but not attachments and other data in PDF. Additionally there is no guarantee that all your Thunderbird mails are transferred to Portable documents format. Also it is important to install ImportExport Add-on and extension for Thunderbird mail export to PDF.

Professional Method to Export Emails from Thunderbird as PDF

As there are several restriction accompanied with the manual method so it is not a good method to export bulk Thunderbird files in PDF format. Manual method has some flaws which may create hindrances in exporting Thunderbird emails in PDF. So there the better option is to choose a professional solution for to hurdle-free conversion of Thunderbird emails into PDF. One such solution is CubexSoft Thunderbird to PDF Converter. The tool works very efficiently and facilitate bulk Thunderbird emails export PDF with attachments. There are several other benefits of using this amazing third party utility. Using the advance tool one can save attachments and mails in various ways in PDF format. If you have any doubts related to the software then must try its demo edition. The demo edition provide free conversion of first 20 Thunderbird items/folder to PDF.