From the Exchange Server 4.0 to the current one (Exchange 2019), Microsoft Exchange has gone through many changes and advancement. Exchange Server is prominent mail server and calendaring server but it doesn’t provide the backup. There are various reasons for which users need to have a backup of data.

  • In case of accidental data loss, backup comes very handy.
  • If for any reason, user is not able to access the Exchange Server, backup provides easy access to the data.
  • If user is planning to shift from one portal to another, having backup in PST files offers an easy way, as PST files are easy to port.

For each, reasons of having backup may be different but having backup of Exchange data is always an aid. To execute the task of backup in perfect way, users look for the effortless and secured method. Manual way i.e. Windows Server Backup is full of drawbacks because they have risk of data, a proper technical expertise is required as well as some limitations in working are also associated.

Using Professional Exchange Server Backup Solution:

For the professional working use of professional third-party tool becomes must. Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore Software comes with the proficient working and user-centric features.  Being a professional it is built with the advanced algorithm and user-friendly GUI. It has a lot to offer:

  • The software takes backup of multiple mailboxes in PST file without any limitation on mailbox size.
  • It offers the option of full and incremental backup; using this allows backup of only new or increased items, it prevents duplicity if there is need of having backup again.
  • It also comes with the option like Filter option which allows filtering based on Message Class and Date Range.
  • A very handy feature, “Schedule the Periodic Backup” is also given, it offers scheduling backup using options like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
  • Along with backup, the software is also proficient in Restoring; it restores mailboxes to Exchange from PST, if needed.
  • A demo version of Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore is also available to download that allows processing first 50 items per folder.

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